Free Books

The objective of this blog is, surprise surprise, to sell my books. The books in question are the already published Air Mail, Dear Customer Services, Football Crazy and Captain’s Day, all currently available on Amazon, plus the soon to be published Inflatable Hugh and James Blond – Stockport Is Too Much.


One way in which I hope to arouse interest in my books is to offer them to readers of this blog, free of charge.

All I ask in return is that you review them on Amazon using their Customer Review facility. (You will need an Amazon account in order to do this.) At the moment I am offering copies of Football Crazy and Captain’s Day. Although Football Crazy is about a football club and Captain’s Day is set on a golf course both books can be enjoyed by everyone. I will be offering copies of Inflatable Hugh and James Blond – Stockport Is Too Much  when they are published in March.


If you would like a copy of either Football Crazy or Captain’s Day please send me an email with your name and address to


In addition to posts that might be of interest to both writers and readers of books I will be using this blog to publish extracts of all the above books, in order  that readers will be able to judge whether or not they may be of interest to them.


Happy reading


About sellmybooks

I am an ex-television and radio scriptwriter who now writes humorous novels
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