Book Covers

Above is the cover of my last book, Captain’s Day. The artwork was done by Tony Colligan and cost £250, which is pretty competitive. (I’ve seen £400 asked for.) I’m using Tony again for my two new books James Blond – Stockport Is Too Much and Inflatable Hugh. He’s doing the two for £400. I put the cheque in the post yesterday. Tony has a website at where you can see lots of samples of his work. I can thoroughly recommend him.

For the James Blond – Stockport Is Too Much cover I’m going for a James Bond type single image in black, his back to us, having a pee. (One of the running jokes in the book is that he has a prostate problem and is forever having to go for a pee, which obviously hampers his secret agent work and licence to kill work.)

For Inflatable Hugh I’m having single image of an inflatable rubber man who looks like Andrew Lloyd Webber. (In the text I mention that the protagonist of the book, The Right Hon Hugh Pugh MP, is a dead ringer for Lloyd Webber) In the book Hugh Pugh inherits an inflatable rubber woman factory, hence Inflatable Hugh.

The way Tony and I work is that I explain what I want, he interprets it, and we take it from there. He’s usually pretty near with his first attempt, but if he isn’t he’ll work at it until you are completely satisfied. As I’ve said, I heartily recommend him to anyone looking for artwork for their book cover.

When I get Tony’s first drafts I’ll upload them, then upload any changes I ask for. It might be interesting to see how they come on and finish up.



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I am an ex-television and radio scriptwriter who now writes humorous novels
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